Business Finance

The Business Finance Division has an extensive product range enabling it to provide a full suite of services to address the needs of the poorly served UK SME market.

The division is managed through three propositions: Regional Business Centres, Structured Finance and Specialist Sectors.


Functions and roles

Functions and roles

Regional Business Centres

Proven lender to established businesses in UK SME markets providing financing secured against a range of business critical assets through finance and operating leases and providing working capital solutions to UK SMEs with revenues of between £2 million and £100 million across many different business sectors.

Structured Finance

Lending to SME finance companies secured against receivables within their portfolios, with the security given by the ultimate borrower taking the form of a hard asset or residential property and lending to other small specialist lenders secured against a pool of loan receivables.

Specialist Sectors

Providing leasing and hire purchase finance solutions in specialist UK SME market segments such as the Marine, Aviation, Agricultural and Technology.

Types of roles within this division include:

  • Marine and Aviation Development Manager
  • Structured Finance Analyst
  • Taxi Finance Sales Support Co-ordinator
  • Senior Manager Healthcare
  • New Business Executive
  • Senior Underwriter

Meet some of the team

Tracy - Collections Assistant

Malcolm - Regional Managing Director

Richard M - Director of Lending Operations

Linda - Sales Manager